Announcement: A second open test day arranged!Pinned announcement

1 November 2018 at 19:00

If you enjoyed watching MASCAR this year or are looking for a new challenge for 2019, why not come give one of our cars a try! Mascar Racing will hold a test day on the 30th December 2018 at Birmingham Wheels Park!

It costs £150.00 for the complete day or £75.00 for a half day. If you just want to come down to have a look and have a single go for just £30.00! Lunch and drinks provided!

Contact us now to book your attendance tel. 07540 934 998, or 01527 458 002. We look forward to seeing you! 

December 2018 test day

Come give one of our pocket rockets a go at Birmingham Wheels Park!

SITR Midlands joins MASCAR in 2019

1 December 2018 at 12:00

MASCAR SITR Midlands 400

We're pleased to announce that SITR Midlands will be sponsoring the Midlands 400 championship in 2019!

Based in Toddington, SITR Midlands provide tyre recycling services for tyre wholesale and retail service outlets within a 70 mile radius including Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Oxfordshire!

Welcome aboard SITR Midlands!

Sponsorship announcement!

27 November 2018 at 22:00

Sponsor us!

We're looking for sponsors to join us for our 2019 championship! With our social media presence, an ever expanding grid and events across the UK and Europe, we're the ideal platform to advertise your business!

Contact Steve (tel. 07540 934 998, or 01527 458 002) for details. We look forward to welcoming you to our fantastic championship!

MASCAR Awards presentation 2018

25 November 2018 at 18:00

MASCAR drivers were commended for their achievements last night at the MASCAR awards presentation at the Abbey Hotel, Redditch. In true and typical MASCAR fashion, the evening was full of banter and laughter as the drivers and teams let loose after a long season of close racing.

 MASCAR 2018 awards

MASCAR and JASCAR drivers' awards 2018

Nick Spicer (#32) finally got to pick up his One Stop Site Services European Championship trophy for his superb season long efforts, along with a number of different trophies and awards presented to our drivers and organising staff! Thank you again to everyone involved. Its been a fantastic year, our biggest yet with 26 participating drivers, and it wouldn't have been possible with your hard work!

We're also pleased to announce that we raised £330 for the Make Them Smile children's charity through our raffle and Raceceiver auction!

Full list of awards: 

One Stop Site Services European champion - Nick Spicer (#32)
Semi-Pro champion - Michael Spicer (#17) 
Teams champion - Team Raceceiver, Nick Spicer(#32) & Juli Stanford (#11)
Hoosier Racing Tire British champion - Ali Topley (#1)
Hoosier Racing Tire UK Open champion - Dan Ashton (#14)
Southern 500 Champion - Steve Stanford (#22)
Midlands 400 Champion - Ali Topley (#1)
Pirtek International champion - Aaron Cooke (#96)
One Stop Site Services Scottish champion - Aaron Cooke (#96)
I-Factor champion - Nick Spicer (#32)
Allcomers Invitational winner - Neil Allgood
Juli's Driving School Rookie of the year - Michael Spicer (#17)
Most improved rookie - Chris Harwood (#46)
Team of the year - RWUD Racing #46
MASCAR 360 title - Carl Hamp (Hire car)
MASCAR Cup of Misfurtune - Paul Hinckley (#99)
Sportsman / Promoters Award - Dom Tranquille (Hire car)

Junior All-Stars Champion - Cole Rogers (#95)
Hoosier Racing Tire British champion - James Wallace (#26)
Midlands 400 Champion - Cole Rogers (#95)
One Stop Site Services Scottish Champion - James Wallace (#26)
I-Factor Champion - James Wallace (#26)
Juli's Driving School Junior of the year - Aloucious Millard (#21) 

Well done and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

 Photography by Dan Page


Birmingham final brings a spicy season to a close

8 November 2018 at 18:30

Birmingham Wheels Park played host to the epic conclusion of the 2018 One Stop Services MASCAR Championship. Twelve drivers headed to Birmingham for two final races under floodlights in cool, but dry, conditions. A slight threat of rain caused a few head scratches upon arrival, as is typical of the West Midlands. The weather eventually held out for the drivers to run four slick Hoosier Racing Tires dispite a very light drizzle between race 1 and 2. 

The first 20 lap race of the evening was the 7th and final race of the Midlands 400 Championship. Topley (#1) already secured the championship going into this meeting with a 383 point lead, leaving the drivers to fight it out for bragging rights. The drivers made it out to the grid as the sun began to set on Birmingham, lead out by Hinckley (#99) and the 2018 UK Open Champion, Dan Ashton (#14). Ashton captialised on his front row start to take the lead on lap 1, ahead of Harwood (#46) and Tranquille (#12 Hire Car). Meanwhile further down the field, a five-car train came storming though as Allgood (#38), Topley, Carnwell (#93), Nick Spicer (#32) and Juli Stanford (#11), who all started in the second half of the grid, made their way through to the front. The pack reached the battle for 2nd on lap 3, making easy pickings of Harwood and Tranquille who had no response to their pace. Making the most of his 6th place start, Allgood continued to head the charge to catch the leading #14. His progress was eventually stopped as Topley made his way into 2nd on lap at the mid-race mark. Next on his list was Dan Ashton, who had no response for the outgoing champion's pace. Topley took his 23rd win of the season ahead of Ashton and Allgood. 

Topley wins for the 23rd time

Topley (#1) wins for the 23rd time this season.

I-Factor honours were up for grabs in Race 2 of the evening. The grid for this winner-takes-all race was determined by the points accumulated at selected races over the season. Nick Spicer went off row 1 alongside Topley while his team mate, Juli Stanford started on row 2 alongside Michael Spicer. Its been a very close season between Nick Spicer, Topley and Stanford, and this race was no different. The front row made a great start with nothing to separate the pair, they were two abreast for nearly 4 laps. Stanford wasn't far behind, she made the most of the front two battling to take 2nd from Topley on lap 4. Further back, Michael Spicer lost control of his #17 machine coming off turn 4 on lap 4. The newly crowned semi-pro champion was unable to restart his car, finishing the season on the infield of Birmingham Wheels Park Raceway. The drama wasn't over as shortly after Stanford's season ended with a few sparks following a spin in turn 4 and a suspension failure. The #93 of Carnwell may have started in 8th for this race, after missing most of the season, but this didn't slow him down as he put in an impressive drive to take 3rd on lap 6. Ryan Allgood (4th) put in the fastest lap of the race, but this wasn't enough for the driver of the #38 to claim another podium finish in 2018. Nick Spicer was extremely fast at front of the field, but Topley was close behind to pick up the pieces if the #32 made a mistake. Spicer lead the whole race finishing 0.5s ahead of Topley to secure his first MASCAR I-Factor championship in fine style, Carnwell took 3rd. It would be one of the closest races of the season that would conclude the 2018 One Stop Services MASCAR Championship!

Spicer wins

Nick Spicer ends the year with the I-Factor Championship trophy to add to his collection.

The final MASCAR race of the evening gave the opportunity to our drivers who have not finished in the top 3 all season or guest drivers to take part in one final show in the the Allcomers Invitational Trophy. Carl Hamp swapped his mechanic duties with Nick Spicer to take the wheel of the championship winning #32, Rebels racer Nicole Emmett was in the #1, Carnwell's #93 was driven by Dominic Butler and the #38 was driven by Ryan Allgood's dad and mechanic, Neil Allgood. They were joined by MASCAR regulars Paul Hinkley, Danny Bailey and Olly Turner in the #44 Hire Car. Allgood lead the way as the green flag dropped ahead of Emmett and Hamp. The safety car came out after 2 laps as Bailey spun in turn 4. Luckily he managed to get the engine restarted and rejoined the race. Allgood lead the field back into racing conditions., but Emmett wasn't going to let Allgood walk away with the trophy. The Rebels racer put in a great effort to finish just over 1-second away from the #38. Paul Hinckley was the biggest mover in the race, going from 6th to 3rd! A fine way to end the rookie's season. 

All good wins

Neil Allgood took his son's car to victory lane in the Allcomers Invitational!

We hope you've enjoyed this thrilling 2018 season! It might be over for our drivers, but we're hard at work finalising the details of a special 10th anniversary 2019 season! Thank you to all of our drivers, officials, promoters and sponsors for an incredible year!    

Photographs by Trina Spicer

The sun sets on 2018

31 October 2018 at 19:00

After 18 meetings and many miles on the road, the 2018 One Stop Site Services MASCAR and Junior All Stars JASCAR championships come to a close this weekend under the floodlights of Birmingham Wheels Park. The final meeting of the year will see three races MASCAR and JASCAR to conclude the 2018 season. MASCAR drivers will contest Round 7 of the Midland 400 championship in Heat 1, the I-Factor Final in Heat 2 and the All-Comers Trophy in Heat 3. Meanwhile JASCAR will race for Midlands 400 Championship points in heats 1 and 2, and the I-Factor Final in Heat 3. Nick Spicer might have sealed his 2018 title, and Topley the Midlands 400 Championship, last time out at the last MASCAR meeting at Buxton Raceway, but there are still two more trophies up for grabs this year: The I-Factor Championship race and the All-Comers Trophy.

Birmingham Wheels Lights

The 2018 season will finish under the lights at Birmingham Wheels Park

The Junior All Stars JASCAR championship is also still to be decided! #95 driver, Cole Rogers, leads the Midlands 400 championship on 1063pts, a 26 point lead over Aloucious Millard (#21). Wins from Millard in Heat 1 and 2 will be enough to take the title away from Rogers. James Wallis' (#26) dominant performance last time out at Buxton Raceway was enough for him to secure 3rd place in the JASCAR Midlands 400 Championship. He is currently 216pts ahead of Carnwell (#62). In the overall Junior All Star Series points, Rogers is 158pts ahead of Millard with three point scoring opportunities left.

Green flags for Finals Night will drop this Saturday 3rd November at 4pm at Birmingham Wheels Park, we look forward to seeing you there!

Photograph by Trina Spicer


Topley wins the battle, Team Spicer wins the war!

9 October 2018 at 12:30

The main story of the weekend: Nick Spicer (#32) secures enough points at round 6 of the Midlands 400 to secure his first One Stop Site Services MASCAR championship! The former Rebels racer, now in his second season, drove a cautious meeting at Buxton to seal the title after a titanic battle with the defending MASCAR champion, Ali Topley (#1). Nick's teammate, Juli Stanford (#11), also secured 3rd place in the overall points meaning that Team Raceiver are also Team Owners champions for 2018!

Team Raceiver

Team Raceiver: Nick Spicer (#32) and Juli Stanford (#11).

Michael Spicer (#17) also secured the Semi-Pro championship after dropped scores came into play. The hard charging #08 of Toni Rogers can't now mathematically beat the #17 despite a very strong meeting at Buxton. Michael also continues the family success by securing the Juli's Driving School Rookie points championship, a feat that was achieved by Nick last year.

Michael Spicer

Michael Spicer (#17) secured both the Semi-Pro and Rookie titles.

From everyone at MASCAR, many congratulations to everyone at Team Spicer and Team Raceiver for your accomplishments this year!

Race report

MASCAR racing resumed at Buxton Raceway this weekend after a 4 week break, giving all our drivers plenty of time to cool down after the previous triple-header. Eight drivers headed to the popular Derbyshire venue for the penultimate meeting of both the 2018 One Stop Site Services MASCAR championship and the Midlands 400 championship. Buxton enjoyed sunny, but cold and windy, conditions to contrast from the last wet meeting at Birmingham.

Heat 1 was headed off by Rookie contenders Michael Spicer (#17) and Paul Hinkley (#99). As the green flag dropped for the first time, Rogers (#08) briefly took the lead, but she was soon passed by Topley (#1) who was wasting no time to pull ahead of his championship rival. He took the lead on lap 2, eventually pulling over a 5 second lead over the #11 of Stanford who finished in 2nd. Spicer #32 managed to fend off Rogers for a 3rd place finish. MASCAR newcomer, Danny Bailey, managed to bring home his new pony home in one piece for his first race as an owner-driver in his newly acquired #80!

Topley: Heat 1 winner

Topley took the first chequered flag of the day.

Spicer #17 lead the grid off again for heat 2, but it was all about Juli Stanford who made a jet-propelled start from 6th to take the lead from the #17 on lap 2. Topley tried to make the best of his 7th place start to follow the #11 but wasn't able to make the same kind of progress. The #1 eventually reach the runner-up spot on lap 10 and chased down Stanford to finish 0.7s behind. The roles reversed for 3rd place as Rogers fended off of Nick Spicer for the final rostrum position.

Stanford: Heat 2 winner

An incredible start from Stanford (#11) secured yet another heat win for her.

While the sun began to set, our MASCAR drivers readied their machines for the final 25-lap race of the day. Spicer #17 and Hinkley #99 lead the way once again, but it was championship leader, Nick Spicer (#32), who made the best start. The #32 lead the way ahead, followed closely by Topley. Spicer could not respond to Topley's place, the #1 took the lead to finish nearly half a lap ahead of the championship leader. Meanwhile, Stanford was working her way through the grid and eventually caught the #32 car. Stanford could not find a way past her teammate, finishing 3rd and paving the way for Spicer to finish 2nd and secure the points to become the 2018 One Stop Site Services MASCAR champion.

Final top 3

Topley claimed his 6th meeting win of the year.

It was a very strong meeting for Topley, taking two wins and building an unattainable lead in the Midlands 400 championship. With just one 15-lap race to score points in at the final meeting of the year at Birmingham Wheels Park on the 3rd November, Topley's 382 point lead is more than sufficient for the defending MASCAR champion to secure yet more silverware after his success at the Hoosier Racing Tire British Championship.

Although MASCAR won't be racing until the 3rd November, we will be displaying and demonstrating our cars this weekend at Ford Power Live this Sunday (14th October) at Snetterton! We hope to see you there!

Photographs by Trina Spicer

Back to Buxton!

3 October 2018 at 12:30

We are just 4 days from the penultimate round of the 2018 season and Midlands 400 championship! The MASCAR Racing circus heads back a 65 point lead over Nick Spicer (#32). With double points up for grabs this weekend, the #32 still has a mathematical chance of win to Buxton Raceway for a fourth time this year to conclude the six round series. Ali Topley (#1) goes into this meeting with a 65 point lead over Nick Spicer (#32). With double points up for grabs this weekend, the #32 still has a mathematical chance of winning, although the overall points leader will have his work cut out! Juli Stanford (#11) is comfortably in 3rd place and should have no trouble securing the last rostrum position. Michael Spicer (#17) leads the rookie's ahead of Chris Harwood (#46), although his position should not be under threat with a near 150 point advantage over the #46 driver!


Topley #1 won the British Championship race last time MASCAR was at Buxton.

The overall standings brings a whole new dimension to this meeting. With only two meetings left this year and double points scored at both of them, its getting rather late for anyone looking to make charge! Last time out at Birmingham Wheels Park, #32 Nick Spicer scored a late win after the #1 of Topley was stripped of the win post-race for a tyre violation, extending his points lead to 428. Nick Spicer's teammate, Juli Stanford (#11), is in 3rd place in the overall standings. The Semi-Pro title race was blown right open after the points leader, #17 Michael Spicer, had a nightmare meeting scoring only 350 points to Toni Rogers' (#08) 460 points. The #08 goes into this meeting with only a 75 point deficit to Spicer!

Racing at Buxton Raceway kicks off at 12pm on Sunday 7th October!

Photographs by Trina Spicer

Announcement: November Open Test day Arranged!

2 October 2018 at 20:12

MASCAR will hold it's annual test day on the 11th November 2018, @ Birmingham Wheels Park, for anyone who would like to test one of these pocket rockets costs for the complete day will be £150.00 or 1/2 day £75.00 or if you would like to just come and have a single go £30.00  to cover track costs for those whom come for complete day. Lunch and drinks supplied!

Contact us now to book your attendance, Series drivers welcome to attend for small fee contact for full details:
07540934998, or 01527 458002.


MASCAR test day


Birmingham Wheels 'slip and slide' Park: Spicer extends his lead!

9 September 2018 at 18:18

MASCAR Racing headed to Birmingham Wheels Park with 12 of its drivers for the third of three consecutive race weekends for the I-Factor Championship Qualifier round. Light rain showers dampened the track ahead of the first heat, causing a lot of head scratching in the pit lane. Four slicks? Two slicks and two wet tyres? Or four wet tyres? It was pandemonium in the pits minutes before heat 1 as the weather took a turn for the worst and crews rushed to get two wet Hoosier tyres fitted before cars were called down to the holding area.

With a considerably wet track, drivers set off steadily. Championship leader, Nick Spicer (#32), made a jet propelled start going from 8th to 2nd on lap 1. Defending MASCAR Champion, Ali Topley (#1), followed suit and eventually took the lead from Spicer to win heat 1. Only the #1 and #32 finished on the lead lap, a very strong showing from these drivers. Rookie and Semi-Pro standings leader, Michael Spicer (#17) was docked 2 places for jump-starting the race, finishing 7th just behind his closest championship rival, Toni Rogers (#08), who was also docked 2 places for excessive blocking.


I-Factor Qualifier Heat 1

Spicer #32 got to 2nd from 5th on lap 1 in heat 1.

The weather eventually improved, but the conditions were still extremely tricky. Starting on the front-row, the #17 made a good start initally but was very unfortunate to get caught out on turn 2, causing him to lose control of his machine and collecting the #11 of Juli Stanford. Both drivers were unfortunately forced to sit out of the restart. The remaining drivers gridded up again for a second attempt. Nick Spicer, in his #32 car, made another rocket ship start from 5th to get to 2nd within 2 laps. A caution period was called on lap 2 as the #12 hire car, driven by Adrian Birks, spun and stalled in turn 3. Toni Rogers lead the way as the pace car peeled off and the green flag dropped for the restart. Nick Spicer and Topley were quick to pounce, taking the top 2 places one lap later, followed closely by MASCAR returnee Mark Carnwell at the wheel of his #93 car. The #08 car was the next car to get caught out by the drying conditions after being put under pressure by the #22, usually driven by MASCAR veteran Steve Stanford but loaned this weekend to Dom Tranquille, a hire car regular. The Semi-Pro Championship contender eventually finished 6th. Nick Spicer kept a cool head and took the win in heat 2. It was 1-1 for our two championship contenders!

Final battle

 The #1, #11 and #32 battle for the lead under the lights on a dry track!

Stadium lights on (check), rain weather off (check), slick Hoosier tyres on (maybe?), gloves off (not literally!)... It was time for the final race of the evening! Birks headed the pack to the green flag in his #12 hire car alongside Juli Stanford. The #11 wasted no time and soon checked out as a melee unfolded behind her going into turn 3 on lap 1. Meanwhile, Nick Spicer, Topley and Carnwell all went off in pursuit of Stanford. The #11 was passed by Topley and Spicer, with Topley taking the chequered flag. The #1 car would eventually be dropped to 11th for a technical infringement, putting a rather large dent in his title defence as Spicer inherited the win ahead of Stanford and Carnwell. It was Spicer 2-1 Topley as the championship leader pulls a 428pt lead over the defending champion! Rogers also put in a strong race to finish 4th and claw the points gap to Mike Spicer to just 75pts in the title run for Semi-Pro honours with just 2 meetings to go.

#32 Winner

Spicer, championship leader, would eventually inherit the win from Topley.

Next stop Buxton Raceway on the 7th October, giving our drivers a well deserved break!


Trina Spicer's Facebook photo album

Heat 1 - #22

Heat 2- #22

Final - #22

Photographs by Trina Spicer

Triple-Header: Part III

6 September 2018 at 18:30

The final part of the MASCAR Racing triple header comes to a close at the 2018 I-Factor Championship Qualifier at Birmingham Wheels Park this weekend. Its been a tough few weeks for our competitors having to race three weekends in a row, but they've made it and put on an excellent show!

Speaking of excellent showings, defending MASCAR champion, Ali Topley (#1), had a strong race last weekend to close the gap to 344 points to the overall championship leader, Nick Spicer (#32) on 4441pts. Both drivers have taken a win at Birmingham Wheels Park this season, but the threat of rain this weekend is likely to make things interesting. Sitting in 3rd place of the overall standings with 3925pts is Juli Stanford (#11).

The semi-pro standings is still dominated by the #17 Rookie, Michael Spicer, with 3357pts. Toni Rogers (#08) isn't far behind, trailing by 185 points, and has also taken 3rd in both finals at this track. Rob Cordell, who is absent this weekend, still sits in 3rd place of the Semi-Pro standings with 2745pts.

All of our hire cars are out in force this weekend too; Adrian Birks, Dom Tranquille, Danny Bailey, Noel Barber are all sampling MASCAR machinery. This meeting will also see Mark Carnwell making a return to the series in his newly acquired #93 machine. Contact us to try one of our cars at a future meeting!

Start time on 8th September is 1600hrs at Birmingham Wheels Raceway!

Cooke takes a 'waffle' lot of points in Belgium to take the Pirtek International Championship title!

3 September 2018 at 11:57

Despite a very strong opposition, Aaron Cooke (#96) kept up his strong form at Warneton to secure gold in the Pirtek International Championship 2018!

Top 3

Pirtek International Championship 2018 Top Three Final

Round 3 of the Pirtek Internaltional Championship saw our drivers do battle over two heats. Juli Stanford took the win in the first race of the day, while then series leader, Aaron Cooke took the second win to extend his lead to 26 points over Nick Spicer.

With double points awarded in the final round, the #96 still wasn't mathematically safe going into Sunday. Heat 1 was won by overalll points leader Nick Spicer at the wheel of his #32. Defending MASCAR Racing champion, Ali Topley (#1) took top spot in Heat 2. Topley carried this speed into the final, taking the win ahead of Juli Stanford (#11) and Cooke. A consistent day at the sharp end of the field was enough for the #96 to seal the deal and take top honours in the Pirtek Internaltional Championship!

The remaining rostrum place were hard fought and separated by so few points, but Steve Stanford (#22) took 2nd, 8 points ahead of Nick Spicer (#32)!

MASCAR Racing heads to Birmingham next weekend for part 3 of the triple header!


Trina Spicer's Facebook photo album

Trina Spicer's Facebook photo album

Photographs by Trina Spicer

On the road to Belgium again!

30 August 2018 at 13:00

MASCAR Racing heads to fast banks of Speedway, Warneton, Belgium! The second stop of the triple header will see our drivers battle for international honours in the last two rounds of the PIRTEK International Championship. Just 10 points separates the top three drivers, Aaron Cooke, Nick Spicer and Steve Stanford, and all drivers will score double points on the second day of racing. Heat wins were taken by all three drivers when the MASCAR circus last visited the popular Belgian venue for the championship opener back in April, it is certainly going to a close battle and any mistakes could cost a shot at taking the International Championship title for 2018!

With only 5 meetings left in the 2018 campaign, Nick Spicer leads the Pro standings with 3676 points. Ali Topley trails behind with a 376 deficit. Nick's teammate, Julie Stanford, sits just 61 points behind Topley with 3239 championship points, but a 2nd place at the UK Open and seemingly very fast racecar, she'll be looking to bring Team Raceiver back to the top of the overall points championship.

Michael Spicer (2684pts) goes into just his second meeting at Warneton with a 179 point advantage over Toni Rogers in the Semi-Pro standings. With both wet and dry experience at this track, Michael has the upper hand going into this meeting as Toni will have to get to grips with a new track. 3rd in the Semi-Pro standings is Rob Cordell.

Topley and Ashton crack the conditions at Buxton Raceway!

27 August 2018 at 18:27

It was wet and windy at Buxton for the Hoosier Racing Tires British Championship & UK Open 2018, but that didn't stop reigning Mascar Racing champion, Ali Topley, from taking the win in the British Champiohship race from 4th on the grid! Dan Ashton and Ryan Allgood put in strong drives to finish 2nd and 3rd.

Top 3

Hoosier Racing Tire British Championship 2018 Top Three Final

With the racing surface drying out, the drivers headed out later in the afternoon for the UK Open. Starting all the way back in 8th, Dan Ashton put in a stellar drive to take the lead from Juli Stanford on the last lap! Ryan Allgood drove to 3rd, finishing just 2 seconds from the leaders.

Top 3

Hoosier Racing Tire UK Open 2018 Top Three Final

Well done to all of our drivers today! The action continues next week in Belgium at Speedway, Warneton for remaining two rounds of the Pirtek International Championship!


Trina Spicer's Facebook photo album

British Championship - #1#14

Photographs by Trina Spicer

MASCAR Racing Scottish Championship 2018


Scotish 2018

Results and Video from Buxton Raceway Round 5 


Top Three Final

Video Action From Buxton Meeting Click here for link Ride on board the #22 Stanford Heat 2.

MASCAR Hits the high speed Banked Speedway


Top Three In Final 01, 32, 18,

Click for link

This coming weekend will see the MASCAR series return to Hednesford Raceway to compete for their round two of the Midlands 400 Championship!

With new Championship leader #32 Spicer and top lady racer #11 Stanford both looking to increase their championship points at the top of the table.

The series will also see no less than 12 of the field in attendance, all being new comers to the raceway, with the high speeds and banking that emulates our USA counterparts tracks, this is sure to be a meeting of high speed, and high adrenaline thrills! Other top contenders including #1 Topley and #18 Faller both having a bad start to their 2018 campaign will also be out to upset the current form.

2018 Rookies in the form of #17 Spicer, #26 Carl Hamp, #46 Chris Harwood, Hire driver #44 Paul Hinkley, #33 Andrew Duddey all making their track rookie debut, alongside 2017 championship contenders #08 Anthony Rogers and #38 Ryan Allgood, #12 Alex Sharp from Scotland hiring again this year, a meeting that is sure to bring some serious thrills and spills!

May 20th start time 1300hrs Hednesford Raceway!

Video Action from round two Buxton Raceway

Heat One on 360 video

Heat Two

Sorry no final as camera failed!

Video Action from First Meeting 2018 Belgium

Belgium meeting 2018

Heat Two



MASCAR 2018 Race Package !!!!

17 17 17

Choice of three cars for sale! All as used on test day! All to include a set of used wets, a spare slick and wheel! 2x gear sets, a raceceiver radio and 2018 licence! All you will need is a transponder and fuel and away you go! This is a one time offer! Take a pick of any one of the above three cars for ONLY £5,995!!!!!

Want to go racing for 2018? contact Steve 07540934998 for further details!!!!