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#01 Karl Baker #22 Steve Stanford #42 Andy Williams   #30 For Sale #28 Nathan Bath
#05 Andy Hartwell #24 Lawrence Bath #44 Hire Car 2017 #26 for sale #37 Ady Pickerill
#11 Juli Stanford #25 Robin Bath #50 Rob Cordell #99 for sale #08 Ant Rogers
#14 Daniel Ashton #32 Nick Spicer #75 Russ Best #16 Spare For Sale #48 Spare
#16 Nathan Nicholls #33 Andrew Duddy #77 Paul Heath #69 For Sale #48 Ian Kerry
#17 Paul Mutimer #38 Ryan Allgood #88 Steve Turley
#04 Dave Watkiss
#18 Oliver Faller #41 Ali Topley #93 John Keogh

#96 Aaron Cooke

Photo's used within this profile section are courtesy of Linda Ashton (Team#14) and  Phil Cornish and Paul Cox of ovalpix.co.uk 

#01 Karl Baker

Location Kesgrave, Ipswich

D.O.B:   21/06/1989

OccupationAssessment Manager

Family Status: Married to Rachel

Sponsors: Lloyds General Building www.lloydsbuilding.com MG Walmsley and Son www.walmsleycars.co.uk

Auto Renovate MOT and Service Centre www.autorenovate.co.uk  Paddock Motorsport www.paddockmotorsport.co.uk

Motorsport history:

2 ½ years in the Spedeworth Rookie Rod Formula   

Crew Chief: Dad  Team: Ed, Rach, Hooper, Mum, Lauren, Midge, Denni, Emma

Team Mate #25 Robin Bath

Hobbies away from RacingTough finding the time for another hobby but I enjoying getting out for a walk with the dog.


 We were drawn to the MASCAR series for a number of reasons. Firstly the costs involved in a years racing seemed to be very reasonable given the strict tyre control rulings. We have been amazed having raced for nearly two full seasons now just how cheap it really is. I raced in Spedeworth’s ‘budget’ formula and the costs involved in that are higher than what they are in a MASCAR. Another key factor was the car’s themselves, you won’t find an easier car to work on and this has helped to keep the ‘garage hours’ down significantly on what we used to spend with the Rookie Rod. Finally having done a test day it’s the driving experience involved when jumping into one of these things, you could go out and spend 50k or 60k on a National Hot Rod and have LESS fun than you do in a MASCAR, having a locked diff, rear wheel drive and the power that the FJ/XJR engines develop all leads to an absolute blast every time you strap yourself into one.

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#05 Andy Hartwell

Location : Birmingham

D.O.B: 12/07/67

OccupationOwner -

Family Status


Motorsport History: 05

Crew Chief:  Team

Hobbies away from Racing: 




#11 Juli Stanford

Location : Redditch Worcestershire originally from Minehead Somerset

D.O.B:   01/06/1968

Occupation: Driving Instructor In Redditch and the surrounding area.

Family Status: Married to Steve Stanford  with 2 Children  2 step Children and 3 Grandchildren 

Sponsors: One Stop Site Services and Juli’s Driving School.

Motorsport History: 

16 Years ago I competed in Autograss racing in a class 2 Vauxhall Astra 1300.

Changed to class 8 and raced a single seater Hiyabusa powered car.

Made the move into MASCARS in 2006 and have never looked back since.

Crew Chief: Steve Stanford   Team Mate : Dan Ashton #14

Hobbies away from Racing: Gardening and Walking


  After purchasing your car the running costs are one of the cheapest in motorsports.  Drivers are only allowed to purchase 16 tyres a year, 8 slicks and  8 wets.  The cars are so closely matched meaning driver skill, setup and some luck plays a major part in winning races and Championships.                     you also get loads of track time with practice and 3 heats minimum  at every meeting ,its a  great way to have fun on your days off .They are little pocket rockets and the racing is very close and fast just like nascar in the states .

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#14 Dan Ashton

Location :  Boston, Lincs

D.O.B:   22/10/1997

Occupation: Agriculture

Family Status: Single

Motorsport History:Sponsors: TeamHard.com & Team Raceceiver  

2009 - 2013 Karting

Finish 3rd in first full season of Karting, finished as champion in 2010 and achieved 3rd in the Jnr Rotax championship in 2011 + 2012 finishing in the Snr Max series in 2013.

Crew Chief: Dad - Pete Ashton (#94), No 1 Fan: Linda Ashton  

Team mate: Juli Stanford #11

Hobbies away from Racing: MSA Marshall. Follow the BTCC.


Did a test session with Dad at Birmingham and was hooked on the cars. Amazing series with some great people and I think that me and dad could have some good 'banter' with all the drivers and series leaders.

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                                                                 #16 Nathan Nicholls

Location : Blandford Forum, Dorset

D.O.B:   02/06/1987
Occupation: Self Employed Car Trader
Family Status: In a relationship.                              

Motorsport History: Class 1 Autograss,Ministox

Class 2 Autograss,Oval Track legends, Mascar,Bangers,Thunder Rods

Returned to the MASCAR’s part way through the 2013 season – I have participated in racing for 14 years!

Crew Chief: Trevor James Team: Mark Nicholls and Andrew Ridout

Hobbies away from Racing: Jet Skiing and Pit Bikes.

Why MASCAR  Great non-contact, side by side racing....... As real as it’s going to get in the UK. You don’t need to be rich to run a MASCAR unlike other formula’s!

#17 Paul Mutimer

Location :  



Family StatusMarried to                                                       


Motorsport History:

Crew Chief/Team: 

Hobbies away from Racing


Photo’s used within this profile with thanks to ovalpix.co.uk

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                  #18 Olly Faller

Location: Corby, Northamptonshire

D.O.B: 18/12/1991
Occupation: Design Engineer
Family Status: Single
Sponsor: Grove Engineering Services Ltd.
Motorsport History: Rebels Racing 2012 - 2015, Mascar 2016.
Crew Chief: Dad
Team Mate: Ali Topley #41
Hobbies/Interests Away From Racing: Snowboarding and US Motorsport; NASCAR, Sprint Cars, Sports Car, Midgets Etc. (Anything that's got four wheels and an engine).
Why Mascar?: After four years in a stock car formula, I fancied a go in something different and after being introduced to the formula by another driver and also being a NASCAR fan, I decided to book a test drive. The cars provide great wheel to wheel racing and the other drivers and teams are all very friendly.


#22 Steve Stanford

Location : Redditch Worcestershire

D.O.B:   02/08/1965

Occupation: Mobile Engineering Company Owner & MASCAR Promoter

Family Status: Married to Juli Stanford                                                                  

Sponsors: One Stop Site Services MASCAR Racing ,JDS 

Motorsport History: Grass Racing class 2 and 10 and 8 single seaters, Lighting rods, MASCAR
Team Mate #88 Steve Turley

Crew Chief: Me with help from Juli 


Seen the cars back in 2005 and fell in love with the American looks as a great supporter of NASCAR at the time I could see the future of this type of racing here in the UK, Loved the bike engined idea which is cheap power and the one make for all and the fact that a 5 year old car was going to be on the pace with a new car as they are all more or less identical, The control measures that have been put in place with shocks and tyres chassis and driver & car minimum weight means that were not chasing unwritten rules looking for that loop hole and no cheque book racing with resale values that are kept realistic,  Love the social side off track and competiveness on track and seeing different winners keeping the championships alive, With the same officials at every meeting we have consistency and equality in what we do bring the fun factor back to motorsport.

#24 Lawrence Bath

Location : Wickwar – South Gloucestershire

D.O.B:   19/09/54

Occupation: Maintenance Engineer (Retired)

Family Status:  Married with 3 Children and 4 Grandchildren                

Sponsors: LNR Motorsport Arebee Signs, Dynamic Mouldings,Chipping Sodbury Caravans

Motorsport History: 2004-2007 Baby Grands (What MASCAR was called before)·          Started short circuit racing in 1979 with bangers and went on to race Special Rods in 1998.

2008 to present MASCAR – Longest serving driver.

Crew Chief: Myself Team: Nathan Bath (Son #28) Robin Bath (Son #25) Rich Marsh (#44) Martin Robinson (chief dog’s body)

Hobbies away from Racing: Keeping 3 vintage Massey Ferguson Tractors running on a day to day basis for chopping wood, making hay for our many goats and animals including our donkey.


 Good value for money, reliable, close competitive racing which is good fun.

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#25 Robin Bath

Location Wickwar – South Gloucestershire

D.O.B: 05/06/1981                                        

Occupation: Arebee Signs Company owner

Family Status:  Married 

Sponsors: LNR Motorsport Arebee Signs, Dynamic Mouldings,Chipping Sodbury Caravans

Motorsport History: 

  • ·      1989-1990 - Mini Rods Standlake
  •        1991-1997 - Mini Rods Mendips (Points Champion)
  •        1998 - Compact Bangers
  •        1998- 2010 - Sierra Special Rods (Points Champion and twice south west of England champion)
  •        2010 - Present - MASCAR (Semi Pro champion and International Champion)

Crew Chief: Dad (#24) Team Mate #01 Karl Baker

Hobbies away from Racing: Time spent with family and friends and of course NASCAR and other motorsport related games opn the PS3! although the MASCAR does take up most of my spare time.


 Its fast paced and comes with a great bunch of people, it even gets your adrenaline pumping before you get in the car. I like a challenge and to try something new and this certainly is a challenge, and I love it. When I purchased a MASCAR and took it to the first meeting I was instantly filled with a sense of excitement and felt very much part of the formula. It’s the first formula that I felt a genuine level of driver respect, it sounds strange but with the amount of time we get to spend with other drivers they really do become your friends and become like one big happy family - I love the racing but it’s as much about the social aspect as the side by side, nose to tail action....

#32 Nick Spicer

Location: Bury St Edmunds
D.O.B: 14/11/6132

Occupation: Production Manager for a Conveyor Belt Company.
Family: Married since 1979 to Trina with 2 children & 4 grandchildren.
Sponsor: Apex Belting Ltd
Motorsport History: Hot Rods, Spedeworth Superstoxs, British Superlites & Rebels.
Crew Chief: Son, Michael.
Team: Carl, Aston, Lara, Trina & Carl.
Hobbies Away From Racing: When I get the time in between keeping 2 race cars going......Holidays to America, going to the gym, shooting & fishing.


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#41 Ali Topley

Location :  Glossop, Manchester

D.O.B:   09/12/1986

Occupation: Supply Chain Manager

Family Status: Married to Hayley, daughter Zoe (2)

Sponsors: Top Project Management

2004-2005: Legends Cars Championship, youngest ever main championship round winner, 3
rd in world Semi pro title 2005.Motorsport History: 2001-2004: Started in Karts racing Jnr/Snr Rotax in the British Champs with heat wins and many final wins at club level.

2008: 4 races in 750mc Toyota MR2 series with 2 podiums and 4 top 5s

2010-2015: Moved to oval racing in the Rebels formula. 2012 European & British Champion, 2015 Stuart Smith Champion, 3x Aldershot track champion, 1x Ipswich track champion, 2 x World Final 3rd, 3rd in 2012 National Points Championship, 2010 Best New Oval Racer.

Crew Chief: Dad

Team Mate: Oli Faller #18

Hobbies away from Racing: Love my sports, NHL & Football being the main ones apart from all kinds of racing. Keen poker player when I get the chance. Also have two house rabbits as part of the family, as though Zoe doesn’t entertain us enough!


After 6 years in Rebels I was looking for a change to a non-contact formula. Being a huge NASCAR fan and also having raced Legends before, MASCAR was a natural fit. After having a test and meeting Steve & Juli, I was sold instantly. A growing series in great cars, with drivers who race hard but fair. With the amount of cars in the UK now, I can only see the series gaining momentum. Can’t wait to get out there and start learning about the car and fingers crossed getting a few decent results.

#42 Andy Williams

Location : Bushey, Hertfordshire

D.O.B:   04/06/1968

Occupation: Multi-Location Pirtek Franchise Operator (Park Royal, Isleworth, Leyton and Watford)

Family Status: Married to Angela

Sponsors: via my owned Pirtek Fluid Transfer Solutions franchises http://www.pirtek.co.uk/ 

Motorsport History: 

3 Years - Auto Grass - Tongham Motor Club (Dirt Track)

 SEGTO (South Eastern Grass Track Organisation)

 Modified Saloons C. 

 SEGTO rounds at associated tracks included SAA - (Chalk Oval), Standlake and Arena Essex.

Crew Chief:  Myself  Team: Myself                       

Hobbies away from Racing: I enjoy watching my childrens sporting commitments. I'm a longstanding season ticket holder of the mighty Hornets - Watford Football Club. The Pirtek Racing team in the British Touring Car Championships is also a big interest of mine.


 A wish to test myself in a growing formula that would be a real challenge. There are many different elements of the Mascar formula compared to my existing track experience to date. A departure from clock-wise front wheel drive on dirt to a faster rear wheel drive vehicle running in the opposite direction on longer faster circuits.

 As a late arrival into motorsport it was clear to me that i needed to find formulas that are not simply won by who can afford the best car, tyres, widgets etc (the expensive route is fine, but doesn't suit my aspirations or wallet).

 The car retains a similar value to its purchase price and doesn't become obsolete. in theory you can unlock your cash at later date if you leave the formula.

 Mascar control tyre allocation, key vehicle components, weights etc. The clear intention is to create a level playing field that relies upon driver skill and the ability to apply the correct set up for the applicable track. The knock on effect of these controls will hopefully reflect itself in sensible annual running costs.

Photo’s used within this profile with thanks to ovalpix.co.uk

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#50 Rob Cordell

Location: Grimsby, Lincolnshire


Occupation: Part time Mini Bus Driver, St James School Grimsby & Pensioner!     

 Family Status: Married with three daughters and two grandchildren.

Sponsors: None - self funding on a budget!!  Sponsors welcome......

Motorsport History: Raced Villiers Karts with my Dad at the age of 19.  Went back to racing at 49 3/4 hence race number (50)!! Raced most recently 250cc Honda Gearbox Kart  (50) at Woodthorpe  Kart Club in Lincolnshire achieving 3rd in the championship for the second year running.  After following Pete and Dan Ashton around the country to race meetings during 2014 & 2015 decided to take the plunge and buy a car myself midway through 2015 season.  Therefore currently had one and a bit years racing Mascar so far and enjoying it.  Hoping to get another full year for 2017 season looking forward to international racing and Brands Demo weekend too.

Pit Crew: Pete Ashton, Linda Ashton and wife Linda Cordell
Team Mate #93 John Keogh

Other Hobbies: Assistant Clerk of Course at Tattershall Kart Centre & Fulbeck, Lincolnshire and previously Marshalled at Cadwell Park and Snetterton for International Kart meetings.
Why Mascar: Wanted to race a car before I became too old.  Caught the bug for Mascar from ours friends the Ashtons.  Economical racing series for the experienced or rookie, very friendly and helpful organisers and racers.

#75 Russ Best

Location :  Brighton


Family Status


Motorsport History:



                                                                   #77 Paul Heath

Location :  Barnoldswick Lancashire

D.O.B:  03/03/68

Occupation: Fabrication & Landscaping

Family StatusWife - Elizabeth and Daughter Jessica

Sponsors: H2o Racing Dalesview.com UK Bunded fuel tanks, Whittakers bore hole water engineers

Motorsport History: 1991 to 2011 v8 hotstox Done just about every job in my time with this formula.2007 brisca heritage f1 I rebuilt the 199 Mike close car with help from  Robert Hartley and Robert whittaker  who's dad owned the car I raced it once then sadly his step mum sold it.2011 joined stoxkarts and since beginning of 2012 have been supplying most of the parts , building karts and repairing them.

Team: Crew Chief Robert Whittaker

Hobbies away from Racing:

Not time for these


Watched them at meetings and loved the look and speed. nice tight rulebook and fancied a go at non contact racing!

#88 Steve Turley


Location : Ashford Kent



Family Status

Sponsors: TBC

Motorsport History: 

Crew Chief/Team Mate #22 Steve Stanford


Hobbies away from Racing:  

#93 John Keogh


Location : 


Family Status


Motorsport History:


.Team Mate #50 Rob Cordell

Why MASCAR                                                 


#96 Aaron Cooke

Location Croxley Green, Hertfordshire

D.O.B:   Can’t put that down otherwise he will be barred from the local pub!!

Occupation: Part time builder and public services at college hopping to be a fireman

Family Status: Single

Sponsors: Seeking sponsorship for the 2013/2014 Seasons.

Motorsport History: 

·          Raced Junior Rods at Arena Essex but more generally Aaron has been Riding/Driving since the age of 4

 Crew Chief: Jim Cooke Team :

Hobbies away from RacingFootball and keeping fit.


With MASCAR It’s not about who has the most money to throw at new tyres, suspension etc, every car that races is on a level playing field and the series is run in a very fair way.



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Drivers / Owners Not Yet Confirmed Racing For 2017

#37 Ady Pickerill

Location :  Cradley Heath 



Occupation: Engineer

Family StatusMarried to  Becki

Sponsors:  Rock Batteries

Motorsport History:

Crew Chief/Team: 

Hobbies away from Racing


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#04 Dave Watkiss

Location : 



OccupationOwner -

Family Status


Motorsport History: 

Crew Chief:  Team:

Hobbies away from Racing: 


#48 Ian Kerry

Location : Brackley, Northants

D.O.B:   18/06/1969

Occupation: Owner- TopServe Auto’s

Family Status: Partner- Shirley  

SponsorsTopServe Auto’s, Barking Mad Northampton

Motorsport History:  Saloon Stock Cars, Stock Rods, Outlaw Hot Rods             

Crew Chief: Shirley Team: None

Hobbies away from RacingWatching Racing, Rugby


 Great Value for money compared to other oval racing forumula’s. Future potential for formula growth.