An Introduction & About the series

About Mascars

MASCARs are exact 2/3 scale Winston Cup cars from the USA. The cars feature a Baby Grand chassis, Yamaha FJ 1200 or XJRaction 1300 (1250cc) motorcycle engine, Winters Quick Change axle, lightweight fibreglass bodies of various styles (inc Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ford Taurus, Ford Thunderbird, Dodge Charger etc), a single controlled tyre, two types of shock absorber, and have a minimum gross weight inc. driver of 1500lbs/681kgs                      .

The cars are all largely identical making the racing close with plenty of side by side action and overtaking. Reverse grids are run to make the racing even more exciting with the Championship leader and other top drivers running from the rear of the grid giving everyone that race win opportunity.

These cars usually race on tarmac short track ovals. However, they are also one of the few formulas that can run the Rockingham 1.5 mile banked oval as well as any UK racing circuit with very few alterations to set up and gearing due to their unique design and the Winters quick-change axle which allows gearing to be changed in minutes.

The Baby Grand Chassis

These cars are designed with the full safety of the driver in mind, with a full roll cage and front and rear impact areas known as clips as used in the Winston Cup Stock Cars in the USA. If involved in a serious accident these are designed to protect the driver and cause minimal damage to the main chassis, reducing costly repairs. The chassis must remain standard - the only modifications allowed are to accommodate drivers seat/steering position. Second hand cars include a full race harness and professional racing seat.

Using the FJ 1200/XJR1300 (1250cc) engines these cars are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 140mph with an amazing 10 to 1 power to weight ratio and feature a fully adjustable suspension and race set up just like the real Winston Cup cars.

Can I afford it?

Second hand cars are imported from the USA and are only available through the promoters. Prices start from £6,000.00 upwards for a ready to race, alternatively give us a call with your budget and we'll find you a car to meet it.11

With approximate average running costs per season of less than £2,500  (this includes entry fees and licences), with nothing more than frequent oil changes and general wear and tear to eat into that budget, with current drivers still using the same engines, bodies and running gear for over 5 seasons now this is serious racing on a not so serious budget. These cars are not only fast but very tough and durable.

An average engine replacement is approx £600.00, for a second hand unit and the engines are fully sealed to ensure equal opportunities to win. Very few modifications are allowed and only standard carburettors can be used, keeping the cost levels down.

Brand new cars are available for purchase in three ways: you can purchase a car unassembled in kit form, as a complete roller minus engine, or as a complete assembled running car.  All three options are available in the UK. 

Complete cars include the following standard features: 

  • Fully integrated chassis (2" X 2" 14 gauge) and rollcage (1 1/2" .095 tube)
  • New Yamaha FJ1200 or XJR1300 engine either oil cooled or avalible with billet water cooled cylinders, radiator, water pump, external oil cooler with supply lines and cowl induction
  • 5-speed transmission, in-line sequential shifter, drive shaft and couplers
  • Winters Quick Change rear end
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • 13 X 7 Aero wheels
  • 13 X 7 Hoosier Tires
  • Dual Wilwood master cylinder with bias adjustment
  • AFCO coil-over shocks
  • Stiletto rack and pinion steering
  • Removable steering wheel
  • 12 Volt battery
  • 5 gallon fuel cell
  • Custom interior
  • Window net & hardware
  • Fiberglass body with hinged hood, rear deck lid, hood pins, aluminum spoiler, and lexan windows (front, rear & port)

Brand new rollers do not include engine, or engine related parts like radiator, water pump, oil cooling system, headers, ignition, carburetors, air filters, etc. 

Both complete and roller cars do not come with seats or seat belt harness'.  These items need to be custom fit to the driver, and it's recommended drivers contact their preferred vendor for these items. 

We also offer a full parts service track side so no need to carry loads of  spares  keeping your costs to an minimum. Technical back up and car set and car repairs are all available upon request at a very resonable cost.

This is serious budget racing for very quick and professional looking race cars!

Fun But Serious racing on a very low budget

10 things you need to know about Mascars / Babygrands

1 Tyres are restricted to 8 slicks & 8 wets per season all bar coded and allocated to individual drivers on a meeting attended basis making for fair and equal racing and keeping that budget down.

2 Engines all sealed and are basically a standard Fj 1200 or XJR1300 engine units costs from £250.00 upwards for second hand

3 The cars are basically all identical and makes for close racing and the size of cheque book dont count for anything in this series.

4 Shock are all restricted and identical only two types of shocks allowed both under £100.00

5 You dont need loads of spares because we all use the same equipment we have the parts track side at every meeting.

6 All drivers are on raceceivers to make fair and equal racing and make drivers aware of spun cars ect saving on car damage.

7 Reverse grids give everyone that race win oppertunaty drivers are graded every meeting on averages.

8 The cars hold value when looked after as you cant build or buy cars from outside the series protecting your investment ( Many cars have sold for more than the origional drivers have bought them for.

9 All our officials are chosen by the promotion and we Police our own series so no confusion about rules

10 We are a family freindly series that wants to encourage the Nascar style of Racing to the UK and as an independant series we have the chance to also do long track and other style of tracks on occasions bring the fun elimant back to motor sport.

If you think you have what it takes to test your driving skills and become a UK MASCAR driver, or you would like to join the club or officiate, why not come and see us at one of our meetings and have a chat with any of the drivers.

To arrange a test drive ask for Steve Stanford #22, promoter and official MASCAR UK Dealer tel 07540934998 for full details.

MASCAR @ Hednesford, photo courtesy of Seth Trotman