MASCAR 2018 Fixtures

Please note, you should check with the meeting promoter before travelling and all fixtures are subject to change

Drivers: Please note Tech Inspection time for each meeting. Details of the MASCAR points scoring system can be found at the bottom of this page. For more details on the tracks we race on check the Race Tracks page

The MASCAR series is proudly sponsored for 2019 by the following:

MASCAR 2019 Fixtures Coming Shortly







Main Championship Round
Date Track

Start Time

Tech Time

Additional Driver information


for all fixtures see Jascar web site.

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Track Promotion

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2019 Round Sponsor

See below for all our 2018 sponsors details

Championship Round  Prize /Purse Fund allocation

Open Test Day Yes Please tel to book including New Test drivers & Hire please tel 07540934998
stve stve





incarace oval pics

Round 1 of The International Championship 2018



incarace oval pics

Round 2 of The International Championship 2018            BCQ - 1







Round 1 Midlands 400 Championship

BCQ -2






Round 2 Midlands 400 championship  I Factor Q1    BCQ - 3





Round 3 Midlands 400 championship   BCQ - 4




spedeworth stve

One Stop Site Services   Round 1 Scottish Championship 2018




spedeworth stve

One Stop Site Services   Round 2 Scottish Championship 2018


speedFest stve

On Track Demo Over two days






Round 4 Midlands 400 Championship   I Factor Q 2







Ashford Courtesy Cars

Round 5 Midlands 400 Championship   I Factor Q 3



skegness Best

Round 1 of The Southern 500 Championship   BCQ - 5




skegness Ashford Courtesy Cars 

Round 2 of The Southern 500 Championship BCQ - 6


spedeworth Ashford Courtesy Cars Round 3 Southern 500 championship   BCQ - 7

spedeworth Best Round 4 Southern 500 Championship   BCQ - 8

incarace Best Round 5 Southern 500 Championship I Factor Q - 4  BCQ-9

British Championship 2019

10 lap practice followed by 30 lap race winner takes British Championship title - UK Open 20 lap


Buxton hoosier

British Championship & UK Open Championship





oval pics

Round 3 of The International Championship 2018


incarace oval pics

Round 4 of The International Championship 2018

Double Points Round




 The I Factor Qualifier Championship

Double points Round




Round 6 The Midlands 400 Championship

Double points Round 

ford power stve On Track Demo Over one day



Finals Night 1st race Round 7 Midlands Championship 2nd Race I factor reverse grid race (non championship points)

3rd race All Comers Trophy Race

Main Championship winner TBC 

Min  Prize fund

Top Team TBC prize fund



Presentation Evening / Drivers meeting 1700hrs 0100hrs Max 120 people Both Series Mascar / Jascar Presentation Evening The Abbey Hotel TBC The Mascar Racing Presentation Evening Total Prize fund for 2018 £???

Hire Car rates are for car hire only and do not include any track entrance fees or damage substained, for more than three dates booked we can offer a discount rate contact for full details, 07540934998. 

**Note - After round 10 of the MASCAR Championship the points table will be split into two halves:

The top half of the championship will race for the main Pro Division title, The 2nd half of the championship will race for the Semi Pro title

Key - BCQ = British Championship Qualifier reverse grid, I Factor Q = I Factor Qualifier reverse grid for championship final, 

Note Any prize fund that is paid out at end of year presentation and you must be in good standing within Mascar Racing to receive these any driver with points on licence winning prize fund will be deducted £30.00 per point all parts and invoices must be paid before receiving this fund.

FOR HIRE CARS CONTACT Steve 07540934998 for full details and to book note payment in advance required in full to secure your booking tel 07540934998.


JASCAR Fixtures 2019

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Meeting Sponsors 2019

oval pics

International sponsor 2019 

One Stop Site Services

Scottish championship Sponsor 2018 for all your On Site Door & loading Bay systems Maintainace contct Steve on 07540934998.

Ashford Courtesy Cars and Best Property Investments Proud sponsors of our 2018 Southern 450 championship

Ashford Courtesy Cars

Best Property Investments


Juli's Driving School Proud to be our Rookie Championship Sponsor for 2019

For all your driving needs contact Juli on 07970183807 areas covered Redditch - Worcestershire 


Why not have your company associated with the MASCAR series for 2019

Sponsorship opportunities are now available for the 2018 MASCAR season. You could sponsor the whole series or an individual track from £40 or area championship for as little as £250, or alternatively offer goods, services or discounts in exchange for sponsorship all going to the Mascar Prise fund.

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Points System





 1st     100       13th        54       
2nd 93
14th 52
3rd 87
15th 50
4th 82
16th 48
5th 78
17th 47
6th 74
18th 46
7th 70 19th 45
8th 67
20th 44
9th 64 21st 43
10th 61 22nd 42
11th 58 23rd 41
12th 56 24th 40


  • DNF (Did Not Finish - car begun race but did not finish): scores 35 points for that race

  • DNS (Did Not Start - car unable to start race): scores 20 points for the missed race

  • DSQ (Disqualified): zero points scored

Any championship ties will be split by a count back of race wins, then 2nd places and finally 3rd places over the season/eligible rounds

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